Texidyme provides innovative R & D Solutions with Beyond "Outside The Box" Thinking. With a unique technology and science background Texidyme strives to provide solutions to complex industrial problems from systems, to software, to hardware, and beyond.

Founder, Michelle Boyce, has a history of innovative Beyond "Outside The Box" Solutions that brings a fresh perspective to industry. Her experience spans Accelerator Physics to Military Systems, and she is now expanding her horizon into the Aerospace Industry.

R & D Snapshot

  • Astro-Particle Physics

  • Data Management

  • Electro-Mechanical

  • Gas Turbines
  • Mission Simulators

  • Particle Accelerators

  • Thermo-Acoustics

  • Underwater Acoustics

Michelle Boyce has a rather unique perspective on technology, as her experience expands multiple disciplines, enabling her to solve complex industrial problems, regardless of the Industrial Paradigm.


Technological and Scientific Paradigm Independent Solutions: Texidyme Solutions, for Beyond "Outside of the Box" Thinking.

Last Update: 12:30 PM 4/2/2012